~ Amy


If you have any questions or would like to contact Amy, please email her at:   AskAmy@ackLfeeart.com

A  c  k  L  f  e  e       A  r  t  w  o  r  k  s

Nature, Dream and Soul Inspired Artwork in Colored Pencil

"In 2007, I became determined to create art for my own personal pleasure...to discover and explore the subjects and influences that have shaped me outside of my 25 year+ graphic design career.  Since that time, I have come to find a few recurring themes and "totems" that seem to make their way into my work.  Floral themes, Native American influences and "Dreamspirations" (work which is directly from or designed during dreaming) have been staples and continue to be the basis for many of my works.  You can also be sure that those recognizable personal "totems" -  representations of pearls, butterflies or birds -  will also continue to be sprinkled throughout my work. 

I am looking forward to exploring further many of my favorite subjects and influences in interesting and compelling new ways!   My work-space is strewn with sketches ready to manifest themselves on the drawing board and my heart soars.  Let the light flow and follow your creative butterfly!"

~ C P S A,  C P X ~

A M Y   S   T U R N E R


Amy's artistic career began as early as her first box of crayons.  She was always drawing, creating and dreaming in bright colors. Her natural creative abilities were recognized early by her grade school teachers and encouraged/challenged whenever and however possible.  Soon Amy was enrolled in art instruction under local portrait artist, Alvina Gorsch, and continued to hone her artistic skills with her into her teenage years.

In 1984, Amy went off to study graphic design (with a bent toward business) at St. Norbert College in DePere, Wisconsin.  During this period, she also spent time abroad studying in London, with travels to France and Italy to immerse herself in the rich abundance of art, architecture and culture.  Upon returning , Amy graduated from St. Norbert's in 1988 with a BA in Graphic Communications (a specialty denotation at the time which included the new area of computer graphics) and a minor in Fine Arts. With her new degree under her arm, Amy ventured out into the business world, determined to make a go of it. 

Always one to jump in feet first, Amy met her husband two years later and were married soon after.  Within months, they both then quit their jobs and started their own business  -  she was the artistic side of the equation, he was the analytical side of the equation. This trial by fire seems to have paid off for them as they have been self-employed entrepreneurs for 25+ years and continue to tinker and tap new ideas as they go, enjoying the ride.

In late 2007, Amy joined the Plainfield Art League where she began to show her work locally and win awards.  A fellow artist turned her on to the Colored Pencil Society of America, so she also joined their National and District Chapter (#103) and was invited to show her work in her first CPSA International show in 2008.  Amy has won numerous awards including receiving her CPSA Signature Status (and her 5 year Merit in 2016) and her CPX Signature Status in 2018.  Amy continues to enter her work whenever she is able and feels herself fortunate to be included in such a marvelously talented and supportive group of artists.

This brings us to 2019...12 years into Amy's personal artistic journey.  Building on her use of nature, Native American themes, personal totems and "Dream-spirations" as a thematic base layer, her intention is to explore and hone these themes further...identifying and examining the internal language that best describes her own journey for the viewer.  While there will still be those pieces dedicated to realism for realism's/CPSA's sake, Amy has already been planning several series projects which she hopes to be working on soon.

Thank you for your interest in Amy's artwork.  Be sure to check back to see what's new....