Amy S Turner / AckLfee Artworks

"Soul Plexus - Tulips With Pearl Chakras"

Award of Excellence

21st Annual CPSA International Exhibition, Brea CA - 2013

Nature, Dream and Soul Inspired Artwork in Colored Pencil

~ C P S A,  C P X ~

A  c  k  L  f  e  e       A  r  t  w  o  r  k  s

A M Y   S   T U R N E R

"In my 25+ years as a professional graphic designer and entrepreneur, my focus was always business oriented. As I transitioned from work-life to semi-retirement, I had more time to reflect upon and explore the influences that ultimately made me the artist I am today.

Over the last decade, I became aware of 4 cornerstone elements woven throughout my work...the spiritual profundity of the natural world, a deeply held belief in “no coincidences”/synchonicities, the symbiotic beauty of Native cultures/traditions, and the incorporation of dream imagery/”Dream-spirations.” Each piece, through theme, design element or inclusion of personal totems, belies the importance of these 4 cornerstones in my continuing artistic journey.

So now, as life has turned yet another page and I begin another new life chapter, I pledge anew to build and expound upon these artistic cornerstones. I hope you will enjoy the artwork as much as I enjoy making them!  Thank you for visiting...and remember...always follow your creative butterfly!

                                     Amy S. Turner, CPSA, CPX